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What it does for you?

  Responds to customers calls and takes messages - 24/7, even out of working hours, weekends and holidays

  Registers customers direct requests and sends them to you via email and SMS, so you’ll never miss an important job ever again

  Gives answers to any question a customer may have about your services

  Schedules appointments for you, cutting off that extra time between jobs so you’ll only need to focus on what you do best

  Reduces spam calls by taking the caller through a quick routine check, leaving you free from dealing with unwanted calls

  Synchronizes calendars with your existing CRM to reduce manual tasks

Swifter AI is an innovative tech company with the mission to bring the latest conversational AI and cloud technologies closer to all businesses out there.

Our AI virtual assistants are natural communicators.
For a pleasant customer interaction, the AI assistants, offer a rich conversational experience, responding quickly to your customers questions.

And, because it’s designed to be an out of the box AI, it comes with the perk of being affordable even to smaller businesses or businesses that are just getting started.

We take pride in Swifter AI being recognized by and rewarded with a full grant for AI software R&D by the UK Research and Innovation Agency in 2020.


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Get started with your free trial, experience having a virtual AI assistant and become a top-notch business.

* Offer available until 31 December 2022 . Swifter Limited reserves the right to change the free credit limit at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?
When you sign up, your account will receive an initial credit that can be used with any of the Standard or Professional plans. You will have access to all the features and also to use any AI agents from the AI marketplace.

What happens when my credit goes to 0?
You should always make sure you have enough credit in your account, but if it happens to be left without credit, then all the Standard or Professional plans features will be automatically turned off and you current plan will be cancelled.

Can I cancel any time?
If you selected the Standard or Professional Plan and you would like to cancel the current subscription, just select cancel plan option and all the chargeable features will be turned off in maximum 24h.

No additional costs will be registered to your account after that and you will be able to reactivate any plan whenever you decide.

When is VAT applied?
Depending on your tax residence, taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT) are applied and deducted from the account balance.


Snapshot of some customers' request handled by Swifter AI**

Name: Emma
Phone: 078* *** ****
Service: Gas Boiler Repairs
Postcode: SO** ***
Message: hi I'm having issues with my boiler and I also think you could send out an engineer to take a look and repair it maybe tomorrow or the start next week. thank you

Name: Emily
Phone: 074* *** ****
Service: Gas Cooker Installation  
Postcode: SO** *** 
Message: I need to install a new cooker

Name: Novak
Phone: 075* *** ****
Service: Gas Boiler Repairs
Postcode: SO** ***
Message: boiler repair for Worcester boiler

Name: Rita
Phone: 077* *** ****
Service: Gas Boiler Repairs
Postcode: SO** *** 
Message: my parents have got a leak in the boiler and is dripping water, I am concerned

Name: James
Phone: 073* *** ****
Service: Gas Boiler Servicing
Postcode: SO** ***
Message: hello I'm enquiring for the price of a service on a megaflo water tank and a Potterton boiler, there's also a small leak from the water tank that I need fixing

Name: Christine
Phone: 075* *** ****
Service: Gas Boiler Repairs
Postcode: SO** ***
Message: emergency boiler breakdown

Name: John
Phone: 074* *** ****
Service: Gas Boiler Repairs
Postcode: PO** ***
Message: boiler is not running and it's coming up with fault

Name: Grainge
Phone: 078* *** ****
Service: Under Floor Heating
Postcode: SO** ***
Message: I need underfloor heating in a wet room

Name: Gareth
Phone: 078* *** ****
Service: Gas Boiler Servicing
Postcode: SO** *** 
Message: I had some work done to the house  and now the boiler flue is sitting flush, is this something that you can do
Name: Taylor
Phone: 074* *** ****
Service: Gas Boiler Repairs 
Postcode: SO** *** 
Message: hi there I've got a Valiant boiler that's coming up with some area codes by codes to be inadequate gas supply and the flame won't start as a result possibly any other gas supply
Name: Joe
Phone: 0124 *** ****
Service:  Gas Boiler Installation 
Postcode: PO** *** 
Message: about putting in a gas central heating
Name: Glen
Phone: 078* *** ****
Service: Gas Boiler Installation
Postcode: W7 ***
Message: I wish to replace my old boiler with a new boiler

** Real job requests received by plumbers and heating engineers from Southampton area